PSNY Member 1st Quarterly Contest 2016 
Open Section    
Medal Gold Ice cave 1 Lin Tom USA
Medal Silver listening the song of Nature Lin Tom USA
Medal Bronze surf 2 Huang Ben Fu USA
Hon.Mention mu gui tu huang nian quan USA
Hon.Mention 0 Qin Jun Li USA
Hon.Mention Good Rewarding chen yuan zhang USA
Theme: light and shadow, silhouette, reflection    
Medal Gold zheng ming huang nian quan USA
Medal Silver fo men huang nian quan USA
Medal Bronze Dawn Lam Amy USA
Hon.Mention Remarkable Ji XinHua China
Hon.Mention Lotus lamp chen guo han USA

PSNY Member 2nd Quarterly Contest 2016
Open Section
Medal Gold Frightened Horse mao lingyun
Medal Silver 1 zhang jin chang
Medal Bronze Aurora 1 Lin Tom
Hon.Mention Departures Momet Chan Yu Wai
Hon.Mention 0 zhang jin chang
Hon.Mention 0 Chen Bob
Hon.Mention 1 zhang xinliu
Slow shutter Speed Section   
Medal Gold 0 Pong Alvin-Yoon Khong
Medal Silver The Boy and the Pigeon Taborda Joao
Medal Bronze 1 zhang jin chang
Hon.Mention Big sur huang nian quan
Hon.Mention Wet Stone mao lingyun
Hon.Mention 1 zhang xinliu
Hon.Mention Happy holiday Zhang Ke Hong

2016 PSNY 3RD Quarter Contest result 
Open Section
medal gold Blue Ice mao lingyun USA
medal sliver Backhand ball HUANG BENFU USA
medal bronze lion king luo jingru USA
hm The Fall River Chan Yu Wai USA
hm Wonder Light 9 Chan Yu Wai USA
hm cai hua gu niang huang nian quan USA
hm Light on Rocks Lam Amy USA
hm siu-me-A1 Siu Mei USA
hm A finger zen xu zhiwei USA
Theme  Section
medal gold Under the Umbrella Peng Jiongxin New Zealand
medal silver intermedia zhang hong China
medal bronze YANTU ZHANG XINLIU China
hm Clouds with Boat Lee Ken USA
hm di di tan mi Li nuo China
hm Stairs Ma Ying Nung USA
hm Cold and Warm Relative Peng Jiongxin New Zealand

2016 PSNY 4TH Quarter Contest Open Section Result
Medal Gold taborda-joao-A1 Taborda, Joao EFIAP-PPSA Portugal
Medal Silver Church 5 Chan, Yu Wai   USA
Medal Bronze Efforts Xu, Zhiwei   USA
Hon. Mention AIr Show Pang, James   USA
Hon. Mention Bald eagle fighting for fish Cai, Huzhong FPSNY, EPSA, AFIAP USA
Hon. Mention hu-jiuguo-A1 Hu,Jiuguo   China
Hon. Mention Ice and Sea Mao, Lingyun PPSA USA
2016 PSNY 4TH Quarter Contest Theme  Section Result
Medal Gold lam-harry-B1 Lam,Harry APSNY USA
Medal Silver Mesa Mao, Lingyun PPSA USA
Medal Bronze Memorial 1 Lin, Tom APSNY USA
Hon. Mention Motocross -1 Pong, Alvin Yoon Khong APSM ,APSNY USA
Hon. Mention Sunflower Mai, Liaofan   USA
Hon. Mention On the morning of embrasured watchtower Zhao, Jinyu   China
Hon. Mention Racing Pong, Alvin Yoon Khong APSM ,APSNY USA
Hon. Mention Washington Monumet Lee, Ken   USA